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Our Services


All our services are created with the tender loving care of your fur pal in mind. We believe in putting forth our best, just as we would for our own dogs. Whether it is grooming or pet food or accessories, we look for the same quality we would want ourselves.



Whether you want basic grooming or full grooming or even simply nail cutting. We will be happy to take good care of your pet. Dogs, cats and rabbits are welcome.

Pet Food


We know that the right diet can make a world of difference to the health and wellbeing of all pets. This is why we stock products from brands that we feel we can trust. Brands that we have tried ourselves. We carry a wide range of high quality food, vitamins and treats for your pet from brands like BritCare, Monge and JerHigh.



Lifestyle Accessories


Just as you want to look stylish, we are sure you would want your furkid to do so too. We have sourced some really great accessories for your to show off your furkid or to treat them to Life's little luxuries. Grab a few when you come visit us.


The cool stuff is not only for our four-legged customers. Having a pet is a lifestyle after all! We have pet-inspired fashion and home accessories that are fun, quirky and downright must-haves. Come on in and take your pick today!

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